Special Issues

Announcement: April 2023.

A Special Issue in Memory of Professor Decio Levi:

Sadly Prof. Decio Levi passed away on the 25th of January 2023. In this respect, OCNMP will host a special issue that will contain contributions from collegues and friends in Prof. Levi's memory.

With this open call, we invite you to contribute an article to this special issue. Your article should be no longer than 12 pages (including references) preferably related, but not limited to the research interests of the late Prof. Levi.

That is:

- continuous, semi-discrete and discrete integrable systems;
- Lie and generalised symmetries of differential and difference equations;
- invariant discretisation of differential equations.

If possible, your contribution should contain a personal recollection which might revive your past collaboration and/or connection with the activities of Prof. Decio Levi.

Submission Instructions:

1. First publish your article in either the arXiv or in HAL.

2. Then submit your arXiv or HAL article to OCNMP via the OCNMP submission system and include a cover letter which states that your submission is intended for the special issue in memory of Prof. Decio Levi. Note that, in order to submit an article to OCNMP,  you first need to sign in as a user on the OCNMP website. If you have not yet registered on the OCNMP site, then you will need to do so first. In this respect, please note that the message from the system that confirms and completes your registration may take several hours to appear in your email inbox (and also check your spam messages, just is case, as some email systems filter out this message to your spam section).


Your contribution has to be submitted to OCNMP by July 31, 2023.

Editorial Details:

The Special Issue in memory of Prof. Decio Levi will be handled by Dr. Giorgio Gubbiotti, Prof. Orlando Ragnisco, Prof. Paolo Maria Santini, and Prof. Federico Zullo as guests editors of OCNMP. Each submission will be reviewed according to the practice and standards of OCNMP. All the articles in this issue will be published together; we aim at a swift publication, hence the deadline is strict (for the submission and later for the reviewing process and revisions if appropriate).

Expected Publication Date:

We trust that this special issue will be published in the autumn of 2023, and in any case not later than the first anniversary of Prof. Decio Levi's demise.

Contact Person:

If you have any questions about this special issue, you may contact

Dr. Giorgio Gubbiotti: giorgio.gubbiotti@unimi.it

The Guests Editors:
Giorgio Gubbiotti, Orlando Ragnisco, Paolo Maria Santini, Federico Zullo