Reviewing System

We use a Single Blind Peer Reviewing System to review all the papers that get submitted to this journal. Moreover, every Editorial Board member is informed of every new submission that comes in, whereby the Editorial Board members can then volunteer to handle the paper for its review or make suggestions/remarks about the contents of the paper. For each submitted paper the Handling Editor, who is a member of the Editorial Board and appointed by the Editor in Chief, takes the decision on the acceptance of a paper with the concurrence of the Editor in Chief after the reviewing process and revisions have been completed. The Editor in Chief can also serve as Handling Editor. The authors have the right to appeal the Handling Editors decision and all appeals have to be sent to the Editor in Chief who will then take the final decision, possibly after involving additional Editorial Board members and/or further independent referees. If the Editor in Chief is the Handling Editor for a submitted paper, then the outcome of an appeal must be decided by the entire Editorial Board by a voting system. Papers that are submitted by the Editor in Chief, or that are co-authored by the Editor in Chief, will be handled by one of the Editorial Board members, who will then also take the decision on its acceptance.