Open Communications in Nonlinear Mathematical Physics is a mathematical journal devoted to the publication of research papers concerned with the description, analysis, solutions and applications of nonlinear problems in physics and mathematics. We aim to publish only high quality results. The main topics covered by this journal are the following:

* Nonlinear continuous and discrete equations of mathematical physics

* Integrability and non-integrability of continuous and discrete systems

* Painlevé analysis

* Geometry of soliton equations and applications of twistor theory

* Deformation and geometric quantization

* Instantons, monopoles and gauge theory

* Differential geometry and mathematical physics

* Spectral theory and inverse problems

* The unified transform for integrable nonlinear PDEs

* Integrable systems and nonlinear fluid flows

* Nonlinear mathematical biology

* Quantum algebras, Lie superalgebras and integrability

* Non-commutative geometry and supergeometry

* Dynamical systems and chaos